Monday, January 11, 2010

Motivational Monday- Keep your Mojo Flow in 2010!

Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us and time is quickly doing its thing. We're already 11 days into the year and if your life is anything like mine, things have taken off with a bang!

Welcome to Motivational Mondays here on the Her Journey Blog. These posts are here to help and support you on the highways and byways of your life experience.

I'm Denise J. Hart, The Motivated Mindset Coach! and I'll be chiming in every other Monday to share simple and practical tips you can use to stay Mindset Healthy and Moti-Fabulous in 2010!

Here's just a little about me: I'm a mom, a blogger a tenured college professor and a coach who trains and coaches women, other coaches and entrepreneurs to Get Things Started & Get Things Done for more profits and more satisfaction in life. I have a pretty cool gift: I can see the BIG picture and know how to break things down to the bare nuts and bolts; you know, I've got the right brain-left brain mix going on!

Here's a little motivated mindset mojo to help get you through the second week of the year:

Never Practice Positive Thinking Without...
Never practice positive thinking without the positive action of application. So many people get Positive thinking confused. Recently everyone has been on the Law of Attraction band wagon. They've started thinking more positively so they can attract what they want more of into their lives. However, I have coached and trained many people who were completely confused about how to actually use the Law of Attraction.

Just the other day I was guiding one of my clients through the Get Things Started & Get Things Done system and she said she didn't think she should say no she wouldn't be able to achieve one of her goals because she wanted to leave room for the Universe to bring it to her. I pretty much said "Pump your brakes my dear," and repeated my quote from above: never practice positive thinking without the positive action of application. She got the message quickly and we moved away from airy fairy thinking and got practical with the application of a powerful tool to improve our lives.

As you are mindful to follow this rule you are less likely to end up in the negative energy of self sabotage so many experience when they are merely practicing positive thinking and then get bummed out when they don't see magical results.

Well, that's it for this week.

As always I encourage each of you to: Live Well By Design!

Denise, The Motivated Mindset Coach!

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  1. The line that stuck with me after reading this: "Never practice positive thinking without the positive action of application."

    It's so true. You see this concept in various forms (i.e. the scripture that says "faith without works is dead"). It also reminds me of the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. Yes, there was the element of magic (I mean, come on, it is Disney, you gotta have magic), but there was a recurring theme that you have to work for what you really want, and that in itself had its own magic to it.

    It's the application that separates the dreamers from the achievers.

    Thanks for this post Denise!