Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Wait!

"Don't wait; the time will never be just right: start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along." –Napoleon Hill

There are a lot of people who have dreams and goals they want to accomplish. Yet, when you ask them why they haven't started yet they say, "Oh, I can't do this yet because I don't have... or I have to wait for (fill in the blank)." Is that where you are today?

Let me just break it down for you. There is no ideal time, when all the moons are aligned. I encourage you today to stop waiting. The sooner you get started, the closer you will be to getting what you desire. There is no other perfect time than right now. If you continue to wait for the perfect time, you run the risk of never getting started. And, I'd hate for that to happen to you.

If you want to write a book, start writing. You don't have to have whole plot in your head now. Even if it is just an idea, just put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and let those words flow.

If you want to start a business. Do it NOW! Please, don't wait until the news tells you that the economy is better. Have faith and make a product or service people will want. Because it doesn't matter what the state of the economy is, if people want something, the will find a way to get it.

Want to change careers or move, do the dag gone thang. It's your life.

Whatever it is that you have in your mind to do, or have been putting off until "the right time," just take little action steps to start accomplishing that goal. You're life is waiting to get started, don't procrastinate anymore.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Friday! Meet the Team

In honor of Administrative Professionals Week, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge all of those who help to make Her Journey what it is.

An extra special thank you goes out to Tracey, who is the Her Journey right hand woman. She jumped right in from day one. Bringing her creativity, a unique voice and love of travel, she continues to be a tremendous asset to the team.

Each bringing their own voice of expertise, the other contributors have been a pleasure to work with and have added so much to the Her Journey blog:

Special thanks is due to Andrew of Straight Design for showing of his design genius with every issue.

We also want to send a Thank You to all of our guest contributors.
And of course to all of you readers!

This has been an amazing journey and we look forward to continuing on a journey to somewhere even greater.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be Positive All the Time

Maybe you are struggling with your job, friend, family, relationship or something extremely tragic and you don't know how to get through the day! When we think things are bad we don't know where to turn but going through the trials and tribulations of life means one thing...you have a life and are alive! So take the good and the bad and try to be positive all the time. Possibly this is easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you deal with the pitfalls or life:

Tips for Being Positive at Work (From Motivational Speaker Craig Harper):

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who energize and motivate you to want to do better and grow your skill set and brain power. Kindly avoid the negative Nancy's!
  • Invest emotional energy into the greatest return. For example, a project is getting you down and out, instead of venting or expressing your emotional dissatisfaction, do something positive the supports the task you are trying to complete.
  • Find time to connect and concentrate on who you are as a person, personal and professional goals, what makes you happy and what inspires you to do better! We often forget to focus on ourselves and need a point in the day to go back to basics! Nurture yourself and imagine what a healthy and focused mind can accomplish.

Tips for Being Positive in a Stressful Relationship
  • Simply put, if he or she is causing you to lose hair or sleep at night then they probably are not the one for you. This is not to say run like heck or dump your relationship in the garbage but you should avoid people that bring you down and do not throw any positive energy your way.
  • Try to work out your relationship the best way you can but if this person makes you miserable then you must decide what will make you happy. If you are not happy and pleased with yourself, you will not be able to be the best you in a relationship.

Tips for Being Positive with Friendships
  • They say birds of a feather flock together! Most likely you are going to hang around people who are most like you. To repeat the tips from how to be positive at work, surround yourself with people who are not about the drama and are searching for that light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Every friendship has to stand the test of time, and most friendships serve a purpose. Just cherish all the friends you have. Treat them the way you want to be treated and amazing things will grow.
  • Plant the seeds of honesty in your friendships and see what you end up with.

It's hard to think positive all the time! Just learn to love yourself and see what that could bring you. Smile and be happy.

What tips can you offer others on how to keep a positive outlook on life?

Photo courtsey of LifeHack.org.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mark in Morocco- Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of Mark in Morocco! Just in case you missed Part 1, catch up here.

To get away from the desert stereotype of Morocco (or to just head for cooler temperatures), I recommend the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco, which was the region by which I was most surprised. My two favorite destinations were Ifrane and Chefchaouen (or Chaouen), Chaouen being my second favorite place in the country.

I only spent half a day in Ifrane, but was captivated by it. Lying high in the Atlas Mountains north of Fez (another wonderful destination), Ifrane was built under the period of French colonization as a skiing village - and it shows. You could be mistaken for thinking you are in a small Swiss Alpine village - with its snow-covered large plaza, Catholic church and half-timber houses than in North Africa. Though it is mainly a university town (for an English-language university) and resort for Morocco's super-rich these days, it’s nonetheless a fun get away if you just want to head somewhere cooler, see some snow, get a glimpse at the lifestyle of Morocco's rich and powerful (and compare it with some of the poverty you've seen elsewhere, especially in the Sahara), and take in the bizarre wonder of being in a French skiing village in Africa.

Chefchaouen (or just Chaouen) is a relaxing, very accessible small city set in the lush, verdant Atlas Mountains. The city was founded by Muslims and Jews expelled from Spain during the Inquisition, and as such the architecture has a very Andalucian feel. Though, perhaps the city's most notable feature is the shades of blue of all the buildings in the city (a tradition taken from the town's former Jewish population). A far cry from the hustle and bustle of cities like Fez and Marrakesh, and subsequently much safer and less aggressive than those places, the blue hues of the city's building, surrounded by the lush green of the surrounding countryside, allows you to catch your breath, relax, and enjoy the kindness and friendliness of small-town Morocco. You can hike from one city to another, take in views of the city from the ruins of an old mosque from a hill above the city, or just take in the historical sights of the old city - the mosque, the palace, the synagogue. Of course, the city's reputation as a center of cannabis production (kif or shisha, in the local dialect), doesn't hurt all that relaxing either, and helps explain the laid back nature of the city's population.

I really cannot recommend Morocco as a travel destination enough. The country's beauty does not disappoint, and the people are so kind and friendly. While it’s true you'll meet bad people who'll just see you as a dollar sign wherever you travel, the majority of Moroccans were so kind and friendly and helpful. I've never been to a country where people seemed so genuinely curious about how I was enjoying their country, and excited to give me advice on what they thought I should see or where I should go. As much as I can recommend visiting for the beauty of the country, I can also recommend it for the kindness and warmth of the people. It is truly a wondrous destination.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mark in Morocco- Part 1

The Morocco series continues! This week it's all about HIS Journey. Let's take a trip to Morocco with our guest contributor Mark.

Morocco is one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world. When it comes to mind, you can't help but dream of winding lanes through sandstone buildings, market stalls piled high with fragrant spices and nuts, the golden dunes of the Sahara, and the haunting lilt of the call to prayer. Morocco surely delivers on all those stereotypes, but what surprised me when I visited was how much more it is - from bustling modern metropolises like Casablanca, to snow-covered French ski village of Ifrane to the verdant, lush mountains and valleys around Chefchaouen to the sparkling beaches of Essaouira - the country certainly has something for everyone.

Working as an English teacher in southern Spain last year, I had the privilege of being able to continent hop to Morocco in less than two hours. After an hour and a half bus ride, all that was left was a half hour ferry between Algeciras, Spain and the Spanish exclave of Ceuta on the African coast. The journey between the two continents was truly memorable - watching Europe fade into the horizon as Africa approaches you, and being able to see both continents at once as you sail through the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar. However, that short journey surely belies the world of difference between the place you have left and the place where you will be arriving.

Although I have traveled all over Morocco, my favorite destination by far remains Marrakesh. Marrakesh is perhaps the most iconic of Morocco's major destinations (and where I hear the Sex and the City girls will be traveling to in the next movie), and definitely delivers on all those Moroccan stereotypes. Surrounded by beautiful and well-kept red/pink clay walls, and studded with beautiful gardens, the city is truly one of the most beautiful in Morocco. A walk around those walls or a visit to one of the many gardens of the city (especially the Majorelle Gardens) will not leave you disappointed. However, the real jewel of Marrakesh is the city's massive central plaza - the Djemaa el Fna. A walk around the plaza at any hour (but especially at night [refer to picture]) will satisfy every dream you've had for Morocco: snake charmers with their pipes, dancing monkeys, Berbers dancing in traditional costume, storytellers captivating enthralled audiences with their animated tales, salesmen loudly hawking their wears - nuts, spices, rugs, orange juice, souvenirs, men begging you to come to eat at their restaurant, trying out a greeting to you in nearly every foreign language. Among all that excitement you just can't help but smile and think "I'm here."

There's perhaps nothing more enchanting than sipping a Moroccan mint tea (sweet and delicious), on the balcony of one of the cafes surrounding the plaza and taking it all in as the sun sets over the city. If you're lucky, the sounds of the bustle of the plaza will be interspersed at sunset with the call to prayer, as you hear it ring out from all the mosques of the city. It’s a truly beautiful sound (however, despite my expectations of a Muslim country, almost no one seemed to stop and pray).

For another taste of stereotypical, but nonetheless beautiful, Morocco, I recommend riding a camel through the Sahara. Not only is it the "green" way of exploring the desert (4x4 or Jeeps tend to kick up sand which leads to dust storms and desertification for Sub-Saharan Africa), but going slowly allows you to truly take in the beauty of the dunes - the patterns the wind leaves in them, the shadows they create. Plus, you begin to feel like an Arab trader going up and down sand dunes on your hump-backed friend. We spent the night at a Berber camp, which allowed us to take in both the sunset and the sunrise, which were spectacular (the first ray of light of the sunrise is green). Just a word from the wise: make sure your camel's saddle is secure! Camels are high, and sand is not as soft as it looks, and you falling off will lead to your camel and all the camels in the train going nuts, carrying your travel companions terrified off into the distance while nearly trampling you. I'm speaking from experience here. :-)

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Mark's experience to see another side of Morocco!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Practicing the 4th Agreement - Laughter is Really the Best Medicine

Today, I'll be continuing the series "The 10 Agreements for Living the Life you Truly Desire." I invite you to participate in the conversation as we explore the power of living a well lived life.

I came up with the "10 Agreements for Living the Life you Truly Desire" to help myself and other women identify those areas that would give us the direction we need to live our lives with fulfillment, purpose and joy.

Agreement #1: I agree to help others in their quest to live the life they truly desire. (Click here to recap)

Agreement #2: I agree to discover how to develop myself to the fullest extent. (Click here to recap)

Agreement #3: I agree to remember that there is no perfection, only process. (Click here to recap)

Agreement #4: I agree to take life serious enough to remember to laugh with the good times and some of the sad ones.

Over at Science Daily, noted researcher Melissa B. Wanzer, professor of communication studies at Canisius College has found that a humor-oriented work environment causes employees to report higher job satisfaction. Also, making fun of oneself is reported to be a very effective way to make connections with people if done appropriately.

I'm a firm believer that evoking laughter really is the best medicine. I use humor every day when I'm teaching my classes and even when I meet people. I find that humor tends to put people at ease. I've learned that keeping my sense of humor intact has helped me to make it through many challenging and difficult situations. Yes, our lives are serious, but the art of seeing the funny side apparently has heart healthy benefits. At the University of Maryland a research team recently reported that people who had heart disease and heart attacks tended to laugh less frequently even in positive situations and they had more anger and hostility. So be forewarned, laugh long and loud it might just save your life.

The main thing that can be said about laughter is it keeps us balanced and positive. It invites us to participate non-judgmentally inthe inevitable mishaps and foibles of life. We recognize and relate positively to our humanity through laughter. Laughing with the good times and through the sad times is a sure recipe for moving forward as you live the life you truly desire.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Get Cute Quick: Day-to-Night

How do we take a day look and transform it to night? It can be easy, fast, and fashionable. Often we need to leave work ready for our evening out with friends. There is so much to think about like makeup, accessories, and a fresh new outfit. Here are some essential tips and tricks to turn up the notches from everyday to glam.


Makeup can be a miracle worker and it instantly boosts a woman’s confidence. Avoid the clutter of carrying a suitcase of makeup out with you. All you really need is five crucial items in your collection:

  • First, a complexion product is a must, whether it is a powder or concealer. I wear the Smashbox Halo Powder because you can dust it all over to blot oils or build your coverage to get an even complexion (an added bonus it comes with a brush).

  • Secondly, Nars Multiple Stick (best selling Orgasm and South Beach) is a great tool that can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks.

  • Third, Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick Nude Silhouette 214 looks like a lipstick but is creamy and hydrating like a gloss. It makes for a great everyday, but when paired up with a smoky can be an intoxicating look.

  • Fourth, mascara makes eyes look brighter and more awake and adds the finishing touch to a look. I recommend Too Faced Lash Injection mini mascara.

  • Lastly, black eyeliner never goes out of style like the classic “little black dress.” My favorite is Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes 0L.

If you only one want thing in your makeup bag, the Glamour To Go 2 Pocket Palette by Too Faced has juicy lip glosses, eight silky shadows which can double as an eyeliner, and one peachy pink blush. With these five essential makeup tools anyone can revamp the day office look to an evening cocktail event.


If you're looking to amp up the "wow" factor, do it with a little wardrobe tweak. You can sashay through the streets feeling like a true fashionista. This season we are seeing:
· Bright vibrant colors
· Mix and match patterns
· Basic neutrals with a pop of red
· Pastels
· Feathers
· Florals
· A more classic look is the skinny jeans paired with a plain basic blouse for day and at night paired it up with stilettos, a blazer, lots of accessories, and more and more gloss on your lips.
· The Black dress is a clothing staple every girl should own. It can easily be turned into a day or night ensemble depending what bag, accessories, and shoes you decide to rock out with it.

I also recommend layering up your clothes. It makes a statement, gives contrast, and it’s the best way to do pull off a quick day to night look.

piperlime.com for your more shopping ideas this season!


Accessories are what tie your whole look together. These pieces can glamorize anyone’s look from plain to POW BAM:

Brooch or floral accessories
A trendy bag that is not a clutch or a supersized tote
Trendy sunglasses
Hair accessories
Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces

Check out Levres Couture for some inspiration!

Evelyn Perez has been writing for Lasplash.com for two years, where she focuses on fashion and beauty. Perez also works as a professional makeup artist. She invites all beauty junkies to join her website and request any makeup tutorial look they would like to learn.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOWorthy Event: Discover Your Calling NYC)

She Creates Change is hosting a WOWorthy event in NYC

"Are you doing what you are meant to be doing? Take a journey to discover what you are truly meant to do in your life!

All women should be empowered to go for their dreams and passions, so join us for an engaging experiential discussion around finding your calling.

But what is your calling? If you have no clue or just too many ideas, we’ll take you on a journey around finding your passions and purpose. You will be given the opportunity to play with different ideas around what you are really meant to do with your life. You’ll be given an experiential exercise along with an honest discussion that will help you tap into your authentic self."

Click here for more info and to purchase your ticket.

WOWorld News

Three months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, there is still much need for support. Thankfully, some continue to work tirelessly to rebuild Haiti as the place where many can feel at home once again. Habitat for Humanity has proven to be committed with years of service in neighborhoods around the world. Implementing a three phase recovery plan: emergency, transitional and reconstruction, Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to helping the 1.5 million Haitian people whose homes were destroyed. Their tremendous efforts can be magnified with yOUR help. There are a number of ways to continue to support Habitat for Humanity's efforts to rebuild Haiti, including donations and spreading the word.

Other WOWorthy news from Habitat from Humanity:

On May 8, 2010 is the 8th Annual Women Build, where women will unite forces to finish 14 Habitat NYC homes in Bronx, NY. What better way to start Mother's Day weekend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mi encuentro con Marruecos (My Moroccan Encounter)

Guess what? I just got back from the "Motherland!" (Africa, that is). The girls from GSU and I just spent the last couple of days in Morocco and boy, do I have some stories to tell. Morocco always seemed like such an exotic place, so I was excited to go. After all, classes had not yet begun, so I wanted to take the opportunity to travel as much as I could. I admit, it was a last minute decision and honestly I did not know what to expect.

Our trip started out with a 6-hour bus ride to Madrid. We arrived at the Madrid airport at almost midnight and since we had 6 am flights to Marrakech, we decided to spend the night at the airport. That was a fun night. We were so tired, we were laughing deliriously the entire night. We tried to sleep on the hard and cold airport floor, but after numerous failed attempts, we just decided to sleep on the plane. Once on the plane I was knocked out. I think I woke up to the sight of the beautiful Atlas mountain range that sat over Marrakech. It is one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen.

However, we had a problem. The pilot couldn’t land the plane because of a thick fog that covered the city. We circled in the air for about 45 minutes or more. I was going in and out of sleep, interrupted intermittently by the pilot’s announcements about why he couldn’t land. Finally, he said that we were going to land in a nearby city to solve the fog problem. Ok, apparently the word “nearby” was relative. We landed in Algadir, which is a city on the Atlantic coast and about 155 miles away! Plus, it was not even the closest airport. Sheesh. At first I thought it was hilarious. Probably because I was not expecting what would come next. They then made us get off the plane without any further instructions at all. Somehow I assumed we were going to stay at the airport until the fog cleared and would be subsequently put on another flight to Marrakech. Nothing of the sort. We waited for about 2 hours at the Algadir airport until they put us on a bus that would take us to Marrakech. At first they told us it would take 3 hours to get there, but it ended up taking us about 5. We were originally supposed to arrive in Marrakech at 7am; we didn’t get there until 5 or 6pm. We lost an entire day.

When we finally arrived the bus dropped us off at some random spot from which we took a taxi to the main square, Djamaa El Fna. Man, there were A LOT of people. I was a little overwhelmed. And I guess I didn’t know exactly what to expect so I experienced some serious culture shock. Plus, I think after the rough travels and sleep deprivation my emotions were off kilter. That night we got something to eat and found us a nice hostel. It was pretty nice and the guy at the front desk (Aziz - super nice) gave us a good deal. We stayed practically on the main square, right in the middle of all the action and across the street from a nice park. That night we walked around for a bit and went to get some ice cream. Even at night the plaza was full of life and excitement. Small groups were playing drums, there were kiosks with all kinds of fruits and spices, there were even snake charmers and people with trained monkeys. Before coming I was actually worried about how I should dress since Morocco is a Muslim country and I didn’t want to wear anything that would be offensive. Also, it was just us three females so that first night I was a little on edge. I was actually surprised to see the women dressed in all different ways. Some wore tradition dress, some were covered completely, while others wore regular clothes without any head covering. After noticing that, I felt more at ease.
The next day we decided to explore a little bit of the city. We decided to go to the Bahia Palace. To get there we walked through areas that were not as touristy. I enjoyed it because I got to see how locals really live. The palace was beautiful and very much like many of the alcazares (palaces) that I have already seen in Spain. After coming to Morocco, I could really see how strong the arab architectural influence was (and still is) in Spain.

That next day was our big shopping day. Souks – here I come! The Souks has got to be the greatest place to find good bargains. It's this laberint of local venders where you can buy everything from leather purses to silver jewelry. I collect vases from different countries so I bargained my way to a good price on a beautiful ceramic vase with a cool camel bone design. But if you ever go there, be careful not to get lost because it is seriously a maze. We decided to stay on a straight path and I must say we were quite successful in finding our way back out.

On our final day there we visited the Koutoubia gardens. The Koutoubia is the most important mosque in Marrakech. We had the entire day to chill, so we walked alongside the ancient city walls to the Majorelle Gardens. It was a long walk, but once we saw the gardens it was well worth it. It was breathtaking and a great way to end our trip.

We also spent that last night in the Marrakech airport, since we had an early flight. LOL. It was so cold we had to huddle together to stay warm. And to top it off, when we got back to Madrid, we missed our bus back to Málaga :(

Overall, we had a fun and fantastic trip. Next time I would love to go to the Sahara. Most of our frustration on this trip was associated with the traveling itself. And really, it brought Kelley, Lizette and I closer together. I don't rememeber ever laughing so much in my life. Everywhere we went something funny happened that we still laugh about even after having come back.

Can't wait to share my next adventure.

You can read about all of Teljer's adventures on her blog Teljer in Malaga, as she shares her study abroad experience from Malaga, Spain (and wherever else her travels take her).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Practicing the 3rd Agreement - There is no Perfection, Only Process

Today, I'll be continuing the series "The 10 Agreements for Living the Life you Truly Desire." I invite you to participate in the conversation as we explore the power of living a well lived life.

I came up with the "10 Agreements for Living the Life you Truly Desire" to help myself and other women identify those areas that would give us the direction we need to live our lives with fulfillment, purpose and joy.

Agreement # 1 is: I agree to help others in their quest to live the life they truly desire.

Agreement # 2: I agree to discover how to develop myself to the fullest extent. To read the post on this agreement click here.

Agreement #3: I agree to remember that there is no perfection, only process.

That bears repeating many times in a single day. There is no perfection only process. Most people would agree that America is a country that worships perceived perfection. What immediately comes to mind are celebrities. In this country there's a fondness for building a false reality of perfection around a highly visible person and than at the slightest glimpse of human-ness, many of us participate in vilifying the poor celeb for not being what they can never be... perfect.

The influence of reality television and a pervasive fascination with experiencing our 15-minutes-of-fame can put a lot of pressure on both the young and not so young. For example, the recent emphasis on Anjelina Jolie's ability to snap back to her pre-baby weight after having twins. Some women will compare themselves to Jolie and think because she's been able to achieve this in 3 months no less, that she's perfect. This lulls us into believing that perfection is the absolute.

Okay, let's examine a different arena. In my writing classes my students typically approach the class from the philosophy of perfectionism. They come to college and think they should immediately have things figured out and that to reveal that they don't is shameful. (Note to self - preoccupation with perfectionism is the road to shame, while process is the road to confidence.) I spend most of my energy the first year giving them exercises to teach them how to be comfortable with process. How to make it a way of life. They, like all of us, must accept process over perfection if they are to mature and grow in any meaningful way.

This agreement asks us to be mindful of the inevitability and power of process, as noted by the great playwright, Samuel Beckett: "Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

The learning and revelation that's born from the philosophy of process, that's what we should really be after.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tica Travels: Keep it Movin'-Part Uno

I hope you're ready to save some money with this episode of Tica Travels where I keep it local and share the pro's and con's of travelling state-to-state with certain bus companies.
Even if you own a car, consider releasing your gas money worries, call your girlfriends and schedule a weekend road-trip the old-school way (you know, before you had a license). More than saving gas and money, you'll have more time to chat with your girls, update your social networks, and read your favorite blogs!

If you're a frugal traveler like me, you appreciate getting away for mini-weekend getaways from time to time. The luxury of living in a big city is that at any given time of the day there are countless ways of getting in and out-- by air, land, and even sea. If you only have one weekend to spare you might not want the hassle of taking a flight and might decide a road-trip to a neighboring state might suffice. Even if you don't own a car it's no biggie- taking the subway, taxi, or city bus to any major bus terminal or stop is only a Metrocard/credit car swipe away. If the classic Greyhound bus is still above your price range, have no fear the top two leading competitors are here.

Welcome to the "Chinatown" Bus vs "Bolt" Bus battle.

The "Chinatown" bus is not an official company name. Chinatown simply refers to the people who run these buses and the location that they're operated in. If you're familiar with any major city in the East you know they all house their own unique Chinatown. On the East Coast, these buses pick you up in one Chinatown and a couple of hours later, leave you in a next. Bus companies include: Lucky Bus and Fung Wah in Boston, MA, MVP Bus and Washington Deluxe in Washington DC and New Century Travel in Philadelphia, just to name a few. The man behind the wheel is almost always Chinese and that's another way to distinguish the buses. These operations might seem hush-hush by the lack of online information (don't expect to reserve your seats ahead of time for most) but make no mistake these companies have been in place since the late 1990's and they will be around for a long time to come!


With round-trip Service includes:

  • NY to Boston
  • NY to Washington, DC

  • NY to Baltimore

  • NY to Philadelphia

  • NY to Norfolk

  • NY to Albany

  • NY to Wilmington

  • NY to Richmond, VA


Hands down unbeatable! Starting at $15 (one way tiks) and even $20 round-trip service for some destinations.


You better hope the person in front of you is not a reclinee… because you just might be forced to recline your seat just to breathe.

When nature calls, don’t answer!

Make sure you stretch before you sit and bring some extra cushioning for that tush!


These buses are operated by the scariest drivers ever in the history of ever. The upside: at least you’ll be at your destination 15 minutes early!


Your own personal plastic garbage bag attached to the hand rest.

On the right hand corner:

The Bolt Bus phenomenom began in March 2008 and it was Greyhound's profitable response to service more budget-friendly travelers. Bolt bus boasts newer-model coach buses, ample legroom so it gives you the feel of the classic Greyhound ride but at a fraction of the cost. The downfalls? Sporadic trips per day and less destinations (compared to the Chinatown bus). See how Bolt measures up below.

Bolt Bus Stats:

Service includes:

  • NY to Baltimore

  • NY to Boston

  • NY to Greenbelt, MD

  • NY to Philadelphia and Cherry Hill Mall

  • NY to Washington, DC


Not as cheap but still very reasonable. Prices fluctuate depending on demand and supply. On any given weekend the cheapest one-way may start from $18, but it can go lower depending on your destination and how full your bus is. The $1 Fare hype is a fluctuating feature that is supposed to occur on at least 1 seat per trip. The more people book tiks on that bus, the higher the tik prices go meaning you’ll most likely score a deal like this during low-season travel times/dates.


Reasonable space between seats. Bathrooms are generally clean and functional.


No adrenaline rush here. Drivers actually greet you (and don't grunt) when you say hello.


Greatest selling point. If you get bored quickly or get carsick while reading a book there’s:



Also for those anxiety-ridden folks-on this ride you reserve seats and buy tickets online. You'll even get a trusty confirmation number (Additional perk: Take 4 round-trips within a year and 5th one is free!)

So, who wins the battle between Chinatown Bus vs. Bolt Bus? Only your wallet can decide.

Tracey Calvo Clarke, 24, was born on a Rich Coast (Costa Rica) and transported to the Big Apple (NYC) at the age of 7. Currently, she's a Contributor and Coordinator for Her Journey Magazine and its supplemental Blog. She is also a regular Travel Contributor for Centric TV's Culture List Blog. Her labor of love can be found here: Tica Tattleteller.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love Her Journey Contest!

You know here at Her Journey great things happen on the 8th!

Someone said that we could not make it to 2000 Facebook fans by April 30th, and we took it as a personal challenge. Do we have something to prove? YES! That we can find AT LEAST 2000 people who love Her Journey!

We’re upping the ante! We invite you to join the I Love Her Journey Contest for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant in your city!

There are so many ways to rack up points:

  1. Be a Facebook fan of Her Journey: 5 points
  2. Invite your friends: 5 points for EACH friend that joins
  3. Follow Her Journey on Twitter: 5 points
  4. Tweet about @HerJourneyMag Contest: 10 points
  5. Follow the Her Journey Blog: 10 points
  6. Post a comment on the Her Journey Blog: 2 points for EVERY comment

We will keep a tally of all points for activities from NOW until 11:59 PM on April 30, 2010. We encourage you to keep a tally of your points and send your final score to herjourneyblog@gmail.com (just in case of situations where facebook name, twitter name and/or blogger name may differ).