Monday, June 14, 2010

Practicing the 7th Agreement - Esteem Yourself Today and Always

Today, I'll be continuing the series "The 10 Agreements for Living the Life you Truly Desire." I invite you to participate in the conversation as we explore the power of living a well lived life.

I came up with the "10 Agreements for Living the Life you Truly Desire" to help myself and other women identify those areas that would give us the direction we need to live our lives with fulfillment, purpose and joy.

•Agreement # 1: I agree to help others in their quest to live the life they truly desire.
•Agreement # 2: I agree to discover how to develop myself to the fullest extent.
•Agreement #3: I agree to remember that there is no perfection, only process.
•Agreement #4: I agree to take life serious enough to remember to laugh with the good times and some of the sad ones.
•Agreement #5: I agree to stop self judging behavior and replace it with self assessment.
•Agreement #6 - I agree to share my gifts and talents with everyone I meet.
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Agreement #7 - I agree to not make apologies for or bad mouth who I am, how I'm created, or how I think.

At the on line encyclopedia Wikipedia, Self Esteem is defined as: reflecting a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of her or his own worth. If it hadn't clicked before, hopefully this definition clarified things, that aagreement #7 is all about self esteem. In this sometimes cut throat world your self esteem is your backbone and you must protect and maintain it, creating the kinds of boundaries that keep it from harms way; starting with your first line of defense, You.
When I was a kid, we used to sing a little ditty: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." Now, I don't know who came up with this false little sing-song, but we knew even as we sung it that it wasn't true. Name calling hurts. Bad mouthing someone can hurt them or why else would people do it? Certainly when any one of us takes the lead and begins to bad mouth or improperly label ourselves we do the work of eroding our self esteem long before the outside world gets a chance.

So why do we do what we sometimes do? The reasons why are many, but what's more important is sometimes the answer to that question doesn't have to matter. What matters most in some situations is that we recognize that we're doing something harmful and to stop doing it, now. If you've been on a streak of devaluing your self with negative self talk, I'm asking you to please stop. I've been down that street before myself and I'd like to keep it "the road less traveled,' because it does nothing but breed more negativity in my life. Bad mouthing yourself is like a bad infection, it only makes things worse. The answer is to begin to affirm who you truly are or even who you want to become. If you can't think of an affirmation of your own, try this: "I am a beautiful, talented and creative person moving diligently on the path leading to my goals."

Agree starting right now, to not make apologies for or bad mouth who you are, how you're created or how you think. Be you, continue to grow and protect your self esteem, because nobody else will protect it like you can.

I'd love to hear what affirmations do you use to combat negative self talk? Share in the comments section below.

Remember, time is short. Do your happy dance. Enjoy life!

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