Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Royal Getaway

Royal Decameron is an all inclusive resort for anyone looking for an affordable getaway. It is 90 minutes away from Sangster, the International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Upon check-in, guests are greeted with a smile and a tropical welcome drink. The unmistakable voice of the late reggae singer and national icon, Bob Marley singing “I Shot the Sheriff” resonated through the resort.

One of the first noticeable things about Royal Decameron is the delighted faces of the guests. Julie, a visitor at the resort, could not resist the Decameron and flew 24 hours to stay a second time with her husband. One of the things that attracted Julie was that Decameron is such a secluded resort. "I like this resort because you can't loose people and it is private," said Julie. Travis who traveled from New York added, "If you're looking for an affordable all inclusive resort in Jamaica, Royal Decameron is the perfect spot for you."

However, others had a different view of Decameron. Maria was not entirely thrilled about it. "It seems like it is Less than three a star and it feels like a mansion not a resort. Although you can say it feels homey."

Decameron had hundreds of white cottages with hunter green dew drenched grass surrounding each one. The apartment styled bungalow had a tee-pee shaped roof. Inside there was a walk in closet with shelf space. Outside the rooms, just a few feet away awaited the sandy beach. A small bar stood for the visitors drinking pleasures.

There were three places to eat, a snack bar, main restaurant buffet, and one special restaurant where reservations had to be made. The snack bar included an adequately sized personal pizza. In addition to the pizza, the bar offered chicken wings, fries and a "fixins bar."

One of the biggest attractions of the resort was the main restaurant which is a buffet. One can find an array of foods, which included:
· Meats
· Plantains
· Potatoes
· Pancakes
· Freshly baked croissants and breads
· Roast beef
· Sweet and sour chicken
· Fish stews
· Rice
· Potatoes
· Various cakes and cookies as well as ice cream made up dessert

Dinner time is 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm. There was a theme for every night. There was Italian night, Jamaican night, Mexican night etc. Foods from those nations were served. On Jamaican night the cooks served:
· Jerk chicken
· Beef patties
· Ackee and saltfish
· Curry

On Italian the cook whipped up:
· Alfredo
· All types pasta

For Mexican night cooks made:
· Beef and chicken
· Quesadillas and tacos

There was always something to do at Decameron. Some of the activities included:

· Snorkeling
· Water skiing
· Banana boat
· Wind surfing
· Beach volleyball
· Bicycling tour
· Tour on a glass bottom boat

Other activities were provided by the entertainment team of Decameron. Maria, a sassy Jamaican, was part of the entertainment staff. She taught the vacationers how to move like Jamaicans. She made a comment, "Once you are in Jamaica you are Jamaican, yeah mon." She taught them the Willie bounce, the Umbrella, Anaconda, get Jiggy and many other dances.

At night the entertainment only got better, but for some it was not good enough. "The entertainment needs to go up a notch," said Maria Perez in a disillusioned voice. Everyone sat around the stage which was adjacent to the pool to see the evening show. The MC was a witty Dominican who tried to get the lackluster audience pumped. The shows were filled with a lot of acts. There were reggae bands that covered songs from other artists. There were couple games where the couples had to pop balloons on each other Kama Sutra style and they even had to switch gender by wearing each other's clothes. Lastly, the professional dancers blessed the stage with their remarkable bodies and incredible talent. They paid homage to the most influential stars such as Michael Jackson, Shakira, Harry De la Belafonte, and Beenie man, the King of the dancehall.

After the show the host announced that the party continued at the disco. The small disco had an open bar to the right and the dance floor in the far end. Some enjoyed Jamaica's national alcoholic beverage, Appleton White Rum which was referred to as fire water. No one could resist the contagious dancehall music. People of all races did their best to imitate the professional dancers who shared the stage. The dancers oozed with confidence as they moved to the sultry reggae sounds.

The Royal Decameron in Runaway Bay was royal for some not so regal for others. This resort is no doubt an inexpensive all you can eat and drink fest for the vacationer who wants to relax in a cozy hotel.


  1. Royal DeCameron is a great getaway for a low price I recommend it as well. The writer hit in on the nail!! Good work!!!

  2. Although I'm against the artificial feel of "all-inclusive" this place does pique my interest. Especially the part about being secluded and separate bungalows..very romantic. But jellyfish creep me out with their transparency. I didnt always wear contacts, so when I wore glasses that used to be my one fear in the water...not being able to see danger.
    Great review!